Sunday, September 30, 2012

Caitlin's Law

Caitlin's Law

<Think Murphy's Law, but more grand.>

A brillant text will come to mind, when your phone's battery has just died.

The meal you just magnificently concocted will turn out perfectly when you're home alone, unable to share the wondrous dish.

Healthy foods taste better with chocolate.  



You car will break down before the biggest event of your life, i.e. interview for the great job, your wedding day, etc.

That "one last drink" will get you shwasted.

Surrender your heart. It will get broken. It gets better.

Love conquers most. Ice cream heals the heartache, especially Jeni's

Girls Night/Guys night can turn into One Night Stands. Ask anyone.

Fifty Shades of Grey will help you're relationship, momentarily. 

Friends are like plants. Give your relationship the proper attention and it will grow.

Gambling is a toy in Pandora's box. Not everyone can resist the constant seduction of the game of chance. 

~End for now~

I'm thinking of making a larger list soon. Any suggestions to add to the list?