Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Exciting news blogies! You're looking at the newest intern for Cement Marketing. If you would like a quick refresh, scroll down a few posts. I attended their "Facebook - Timeline" workshop in March with the widely known, Jim Coe.

Side note: I know you've heard of the "6 degrees of separation" theory, right? The idea...not the Kevin Bacon film per say. Well, if you applied this theory to Coe you would have to subtract 3 because it seems everyone in Columbus knows him.  Basically, if you don't know Coe, you're missing out. He is an awesome guy! 

Now back to the shenanigans.

On Tuesday, I had my first day at the exciting, downtown advertising firm. Everyone was sincere when they spoke and seemed interested in finding out the basics about my educational background. When the computer screens began to dwindle our ability to continue our path to awesome concentration, the guys invited me to play a game of ping pong. Let me tell you, this idea is ingenious. The quick and simple game makes for the perfect supplement for a combusting brain.

When the days assignment was given to me, I couldn't wait to start the process because I wanted to make a decent impression and produce something worth reading. Without further ado, I must express I'm stoked!

The stars must be aligned because this week is feeling just right. I finished "Busy Monsters," a novel constructed by William Giraldi. Also, I put together my new bed set (looks beautiful). All the while listening to Rebelution's Peace of Mind CD. Yes, good week.

Off to venture into new tales and paths unforeseen.